Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

FAQs - General Questions

Acupuncture uses no drugs and therefore there are none of the side effects often seen in conventional medical or pharmaceutical approaches.

 Bruising can occasionally occur after needling. Patients often feel relaxed or tired after treatment.

After the practitioner has made a diagnosis, the needles will be inserted. Mostly the insertion is not felt at all. Sometimes it can feel slightly sharp, a little bit like a single hair being removed.

Other times an ache may develop, and occassionally needling generates a feeling like a muscle twinge.

The fine needles used (not much wider than a hair) activate certain energy points, called ‘meridians’. These points are gently stimulated to activate the body’s own natural healing energy, which is known as Qi. Balance and harmony are restored

The first appointment will last up to 1hr 25 mins. Subsequent appointments will last 45 mins.

Yes, very.

Single use needles are used for each patient, which are disposed of after each treatment.

Helperby is conveniently located in rural North Yorkshire. Local towns and villages all within easy access include Myton. Flawith, Easingwold, Boroughbridge, Ripon, Thirsk, Dishforth, Topcliffe, Tollerton to name just a few.

It’s best not to have acupuncture on a completely empty stomach.

If you haven’t eaten breakfast, its advisable to eat a small snack before treatment.

Loose fitting clothing that can be rolled up to expose knees and elbows is ideal. Some back treatments will necessitate taking off t-shirts.

The practitioner will always allow you to undress and dress in private and ensure that you are covered with a towel.

In order to make a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis of your condition, you will be asked to talk about your: Main symptoms. General health, including your appetite, digestion, bowels, urination, breathing, circulation, headaches and emotional wellbeing. Past medical history. Family history. Medication Lifestyle